Deception Pass Bridge

I thought a brief explanation was is order about the photo I use as the header on my site. Deception Pass is an entry point from the Pacific Ocean to Saratoga Passage, one of the many waterways on the Puget Sound. On the other side of Whidbey is Admiralty Inlet, where the vast majority of ocean water enters the Sound. In the photo, Whidbey Island is on the right and Fildago Island is on the left. Early explorers thought Whidbey was a peninsula and thus were “deceived” because it was really an island. The waters at Deception Pass are treacherous when the tides change. Most boaters avoid passing through it when the tide is coming in or out.

3201 Norton

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This is a photo of my grand-daughters Alexandria and Lily in front of the house at 3201 Norton in Everett Washington. My great-grandfather Alexander Keay and my great grandmother Amy McGhie Keay moved into this house in about 1898. My mom – Alexandria (Lexie) Keay was born in the upstairs bedroom above the porch in 1921. Grand-daughter Alex (to the right of Lily) didn’t realize that her name went back two generations beyond her great-grandma Lexie to her great-great-great grandfather Alex Keay. In fact though, the name Alexander Keay can be traced back to the 1200’s in Scotland.