Groundhog Day Angst

For three days in a row I’ve woken up, turned to look at the time, and the clock was showing 6:00am. Exactly. And this morning as I opened my eyes the Sonny and Cher song “I Got You Babe” started playing in my head. Why is this happening??


One thought that crossed my mind was that since retiring I often find myself doing the same things every day. For example, for three months I started each day by painting a section of our 40′ long patio cover. After about an hour and a half I stopped, but nevertheless I repeated the same task each day. More recently right after breakfast I have worked on repairing and waterproofing a section of our foundation. So, just like Bill Murray in the movie, I have been repeating my day, everyday. I mentioned this to Terri and she replied, “You used to get up and go to work every morning, which was essentially doing the same thing everyday. So how is that different?” I knew she wouldn’t understand. And I’m pretty sure that as she was talking she was also rolling her eyes and whispering “idiot” under her breath. She does this a lot and thinks I don’t know about it.

So it looks like I’ll be spending the Memorial Day weekend dealing with this issue on my own. The clock ticks, the song plays on and 6:00am is just 19 hours away. It’s not easy being me.

Update!! 7/9/2014. The mystery of my daily awakening at exactly 6:00AM has been solved. Apparently I have been hearing my neighbor’s alarm clock each morning. In the summer windows are open and sounds can travel. I wish it was more complicated than that because I made such a big deal about this when I wrote the original post above. Once again, reality trumps imagination.






One thought on “Misc.

  1. How did I never see this post?? Love that song..l listened all the way through!

    Thanks Theresa! I’m going to start writing posts again! Watch for an email notice.

    Thanks. Bart


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