Our granddaughter Lily performs her solo at the Mercer Island Girls Choir Spring concert (Disney Dazzle).

Two weeks ago we lost “Baby.” She was living in our backyard when we moved into our house in Roseville in 1998 and surprised us with a litter of kittens soon after. Over time she gradually became a very spoiled indoor pet. Within seconds of Terri sitting down, Baby would be on her lap, waiting for a neck rub. If Terri hesitated Baby would voice her displeasure with loud screeching meows that got everyone’s attention. Her eyes were an intense, ghostly green (helped even more here by the camera flash). Baby was part of our home during her long lifetime and will be terribly missed.  12/21/14


Our granddaughter Lily brings down the house with her rendition of Boogie Woogie Santa Claus at the Mercer Island Girl’s Choir annual Christmas concert. 12/13/14


Click on the arrow and wait about 10 seconds to play:


Our middle granddaughter Alexandria graduated from high school on June 6th.

Alex Standing

Click on the video below to see a photo compilation of Alex from birth through age 17+




Baby Boom

This is a picture of Terri’s 1st grade class. The year was 1955/56, WWII had been over for 10 years and Americans were having a whole bunch of kids. The teacher (an Irish nun) had 66 children in her class! When we hear stories today about classroom overcrowding you wonder how one nun could have ever managed to teach 66 children. Keep in mind there weren’t any assistants in those days. I guess the ruler helped.


Terri was six years old in this picture. Can you find her? Hint – She’s close to the middle (look for the dimples).

Fast forward about 23 years and you can see that class sizes got a lot smaller. This is Mike’s 2nd grade class at South Whidbey Elementary School in 1978-79. There were just 22 kids in his class compared to 66 in Terri’s 1st grade class above.

Mike 2nd Grade II

Can you find Mike?


Our youngest granddaughter Lily has her own paving stone at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah Washington.


During the years that Terri and I lived on Whidbey Island we had a friend who was a ferry captain. In this photo Mike is in the wheelhouse of the ferry Vashon. The Vashon was the last wooden hull ferry to run on the Puget Sound.


After 50 years of service, the Vashon was sold in 1980. It was last used in Alaska as a supply ship. It went aground in 1982 and sank. Parts of the boat can still be seen today from the beach at low tide.

The Vashon sinking at Johnson Cove Alaska - 1982

The Vashon sinking at Johnson Cove Alaska – 1982

Our great-granddaughter Amelia just turned three. 05/13/2014

Amelia II

Where were you, when the mountain blew?

On May 18, 1980 Mt. St. Helens experienced a violent volcanic eruption. At the time Terri and I lived just 45 miles away in Vancouver Washington. Leading up to this final, catastrophic event were a series of smaller eruptions. I took the photo below just as the mountain blew the first time.

Mt. St. Helens - Copy

After each of the eruptions ash covered everything, including our car. Mike and his friends had to wear face masks when playing outside.

Our car covered with ash after Mt. St. Helens eruption

Our car covered with ash after Mt. St. Helens eruption

This photo was taken prior to the volcanic activity of 1980. The appearance of the mountain that was called, the “Fuji of the West” would soon be changed forever.

Pre-eruption - "The Fuji of the West"

Mount St. Helens Before Eruption

Washington State was as ready as it could be for the volcano and its aftermath. The TV news report below gives you a great idea of what happened on that eventful Sunday in May.

My cat Rex loves to watch TV.





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